Regulation of Nanotechnology in Consumer Products

Nanotechnology has become global. Nanocomponents in various products are already on the market and their figure is growing fast. Within the last fourteen months the number of listed nano-products became more than double. The product record of the Woodrow Wilson Center currently lists 580 products supposed to contain nanocomponents compared to 212 in March 2007. Assuming that the numbers show a representative growth of products, we are currently facing remarkably developing market-potentials in different branches. Looking at the different kinds, the Health & Fitness sector lists 356 products and contributes with more than 60% to the whole market.

  • Current Regulatory Landscape
  • Technical, Health and Safety Aspects of Nanoproducts
  • Needs, Expectations and Contributions of Nanoproducts
  • Adequacy of Voluntary Measures
  • NanoFuture

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